The Connection Experience is an online forum to celebrate and learn the  importance of our relationship with ourselves, others and the world. As human beings feeling loved, accepted, wanted, and a part of a community are needs that essential to our quality of life and well-being. However, acquiring and sustaining healthy relationships can be one of the most challenging experiences.

The best memories I have as a kid were when I was surrounded by family. The laughter, the experiences, the good talks and lessons, and traditions we created and shared. We had fun together and influenced each other. When our family hit strife these memories and our bond helped us work through that time.

The Connection Experience is about that bond. Feeling safe, knowing you are loved and accepted no matter what. When these qualities in a relationship are challenged you feel it! When there is constant arguing, criticism, betrayal, or abuse that feeling of unconditional love and safety is compromised. Mistrust sinks in and your village breaks down.

The Connection Experience is about preserving love and belonging. It’s about protecting those bonds that help us feel we are loved and belong to a community. It’s the experience of having a healthy relationship with ourselves, others and the world so that we can evolve together.

This platform will also teach how to hold ourselves accountable for what we contribute to the health of our relationships. Learning to be attentive, self-aware, creative, flexible, authentic, and love with integrity. Follow The Connection Experience on Instagram @theconnectionexperience for videos, resources and more.

Stayed tuned for announcements of events, groups, workshops and meet-ups.